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Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Orchids : Blooming recently...

             Akhirnya..boleh juga OC 'update' kan semula blog ni dengan gambar-gambar orkid dari koleksi yang telah berbunga beberapa minggu lepas..

             Finally.. things are back to normal..means that I can update this blog with pretty orchid pictures from my collection again..

 Cattleya NoID

 Potinara Yeh Ling

 Phalaenopsis speciosa

 Liparis lacerata

 Dendrobium ovipostoriferum


 Coelogyne asperata

 Dendrobium Enobi Purple

 Dendrobium NoID

 Epidendrum NoID

 Bulbophyllum lepidum

 Cycnoches cooperii

 Cattleya hybrid NoID

 Potinara Little Toshie H&R

 Rhynchostylis Mary Motes

 Thrixerpermum acuminatissimum

 Cleisostoma fuerstenbergianum

 Coelogyne rochussenii

 Coryanthes verruculineata

 Polystachya paniculata

Happiness held is the seed, Happiness shared is the flower 
- John Harrigan

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